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We are looking for our Marketing Lead

Location: Flexible

Growing further we need senior leadership to build and run our marketing and growth machine. To extract, distill and effectively communicate the unique value add we bring to our target customers. Through smartly developed and executed marketing efforts.

Building out this role and our marketing team will include a variety of fields starting with a highly developed market insights and expertise. To further develop and communicate how, what and why Movi’s products and services create unique value for our customers and other stakeholders in their mobile video product. And with as little friction as possible get new customers to use Movi and further upsell new features and services to existing customers.

This is where you come in.

You will be the one to build Movi’s marketing growth operations ground up - fully supported by everyone in Movi. Your position and responsibilities will evolve as we and you develop and build out Movi further.

It’s natural for us to seek a person who sees a progression of your role into senior management based on building a team that delivers highly efficiently on company goals.

Key responsibilities:

  • Intelligently design, execute and iterate our marketing and growth machine through campaigns and activities to drive attraction for Movi’s unique offering and value to our customers and partners.
  • Smartly design, plan, organise and execute Movi’s community marketing efforts such as conferences, meetups, online forums, tradeshows and conferences.
  • Organize Movi’s communications for the highest momentum to market and maximise our and our customers opportunities.
  • Create and provide tools and systems for upsell.

Our target market and customers are mainly medium and large and global corporate customers building out and running video streaming applications in regional and global markets.

Our customers teams consist of engineers, marketers, product owners, business leaders, data scientists, designers and other roles.

Our revolutionary technology affects all of them, and hence we need to be thoughtful on how, when and what we say to make the correct impression for all our customers, team members and professions.

Day to day you’ll be working closely with the senior management, sales team and product team, learning the ins and outs of Movi, what makes us, our identity, our technology and our products unique and how this affects our customers. You’ll be knowing about all the latest and the one deciding and building the how, where and when to best spread the right message - to whom.

We see you working strategically, tactically and hands-on. Creating strategies, building campaigns, talking to customers, analyzing and optimizing, implementing the processes and systems to efficiently run a successful marketing machine and building and developing people and work processes in the marketing team.

The role also requires continuous engagement with potential & existing customers in cooperation with Movi sales team in order to be able to coordinate, plan & execute strategic marketing campaigns.

You will be part of the senior management team and report to the CEO , while at the same time working closely with the core team in Oslo & globally.

Here are some of the topics we would prefer you have lots of experience with:

  • Start and scale-up experience with international teams.
  • Hands on experience scaling b2b(2c) software and platform services through digital marketing.
  • Community growth, management and utilisation.
  • Online and offline thought leadership marketing.
  • Conference, meetup and convention organisation and management.
  • Managing a b2b tech brand.
  • Use of analytics to improve service, marketing or business performance.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, please share a few words and your experience by hitting the button below.

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09 November 2020
09 November 2020
09 November 2020
09 November 2020
09 November 2020