Remember Your First Touch?

It’s eleven years since Steve Jobs and Apple looked at the next step of evolution in mobile phone technology and took the smartphone to a whole new level. From a clunky, modular, semi smartwith features phone, to an incredible new world of experiences where users could touch their favorite music, stream video, play games, email, browse the web, navigate maps and more, all from the iPhone’s remarkable and easy-to-use touch interface.

Touch, this is a key element in this recipe. The new intuitive touch interface is what made these computing devices universally desirable, globally sought after, and so far the most productive interface for a personal computing device.

We were all mesmerised by the iPhone when it was released. It was truly an extraordinary and inspirational force that has completely changed how we interact and communicate with the world. The truly globally connected society was born. And we still have no idea where this phenomenon will take us next. Until now.

At Movi, we have spent the past 4 and a half years developing the next step in how we interact with our devices. We have created another level of video technology to give the user control to creatively consume and curate what they view, and with whom they share.

For Movi, this means bringing the magic of the ultimate interface to video. The team are unveiling it’s salute to the magic of touch and play on the very same day 11 years after the launch of the revolutionary interface. Next week we are taking the cover off of what we feel will be the next step in the evolution of how we interact with video. And we are very excited to get to show the world.

It truly feels like the first time, like something new. Video is suddenly alive!

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