Introducing Salam Planet

Salam Planet is a lifestyle & marketplace app for urban muslims available on both Google Play and App Store. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen/Denmark and its services are currently available in Denmark, Norway, Pakistan and the UK.

As the service has gone through massive user growth in its current markets, Salam Planet is now planning to expand its geographical presence in near future.

Salam Planets mission is to connect urban muslim consumers with relevant businesses targeting the urban muslims around the world. The value proposition of Salam Planet focuses around:

  • Social community
  • Entertainment
  • Event ticketing
  • Spirituality
  • Marketplace

Movi signed the agreement with Salam Planet autumn 2019 on using the full feature set of Movi solution in Salam Planet’s app and Movi Player has been the sole video player in the app since October 2019. We had a short interview session with the CEO of Salam Planet, Omair Khan. Below captured the highlights of the discussion.

Why Salam Planet chose Movi?

As videos, especially mobile videos, will be ever more central for the future growth of Salam Planet, the management felt it was necessary to introduce the latest & greatest available in the mobile video technology, i.e. Movi. The industry has been stuck in old technologies with poor user experience, thus Salam Planet wanted to approach their video offering from the users’ perspective, enabling new kind of interaction with videos while benefiting from the first mover advantage in its target markets.

In this first phase after the launch, the focus has mainly been in improving the user experience, increasing time spent on videos and Salam Planet app and making their video content viral: retaining current customers & acquiring new ones with videos.

Properly utilizing & monetizing the analytics & insights capabilities of Movi will become properly important at a later stage, although they have already provided some eye opening insights into the consumption of videos in Salam Planet app. One key aspect to monitor is the number of clicks a video gets vs time spent on that video: after all, the most clicked video might not be the most watched/consumed video. This is an example of insights which in the past was very complicated to acquire: not available out of the box from any other mobile video player.

What is the role of mobile video for Salam Planet app?

Video is the main functionality in the app & provides the core value to their end users. Salam Planet also aims to enhance the video experience with launching the latest Movi features in the player (especially Mixer and Sharing) as well as some other third party elements.

The impact Movi has made to Salam Planet video offering are already visible from the analytics: all graphs and trends are pointing strongly upwards, even though no proper consumer onboarding or tutorials have been made yet: this is also something needing attention next, especially as Mixer and Sharing functionalities are to be launched. Something which the consumers have never experienced before.

How was the overall process with Movi?

Looking back at the process from first meeting to launch & all the way up to today, it has been a smooth sail with good interaction & communication from both sides. Whenever things are done for the first time, mistakes happen, but we have learned from those & moved on.

Team Salam Planet is also learning all the time how to improve the utilization of Movi platform, with feedback to Movi & suggestions for further improvements.

Visit Salam Planet here: