Nordic Innovation House Singapore

Nordic Innovation House Singapore is officially open.

Last Friday the Nordic entrepreneurial community gathered for the official opening ceremony together with Singapore’s forefront of private and governmental backers of innovation.

Nordic Innovation House - NIH, is a cross border Nordic initiative to help Nordic entrepreneurs to succeed in a global technology innovation based market.

It all started as an initiative to help Nordic startups and entrepreneurs access Silicon Valley. Incarnated as a co-working space in 470 Ramona Street Palo Alto - California in 2014. Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley has since served as a soft landing spot and springboard into the heart of global innovation for thousands of Nordic startups. Running accelerator programs, opening doors through extensive personal networks occurring when empowering all these people together from a Nordic platform.

Since then, Nordic Innovation House has opened in New York, Shanghai and now Singapore.

Singapore is in our view a natural stepping stone towards the current booming technology innovation center of the world, South East Asia. We first visited in 2018, and experienced first hand what incredible opportunities are available. Singapore is a truly extraordinary place - a true connector of talent, market, innovation, resources and a will to create and succeed to activate these opportunities.

When Nordic Innovation House announced they were opening in Singapore we sign up right away. Being part of such a vibrant exceptional platform for global startup acceleration is key for us. If we at all will be able to reach the world and help anyone, no matter geography build the next generation mobile video experiences - we need to join forces and connect with the community. Break borders, open doors, help others and pay it forwards.

Singapore has given us and Nordic Innovation House a warm welcome and a great platform to further build and shape together. Connecting the Nordics to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

We thank you for all the help so far and look forward to help build the community and connect the Nordics and the world further.

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