FANDOM SPORTS to Implement Powerfull Interactive Video Engagement Tool

FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. (the "Company") announces that it has retained the services of MOVI TECH ("Movi"), with the primary goal of integrating their cutting-edge video engagement technology into the FANDOM SPORTS App. In aligning with Movi, FANDOM SPORTS is among an exclusive group of carefully selected partners and early adopters to feature the future of in-app video experiences.

A key benefit for the Company in implementing the usage of such an interactive video technology into its core, flagship Android product at the onset of commercialized launch is to increase both the level of engagement in addition to the amount of time spent within the app. Upon roll-out into the initial commercial Android version, a subsequent implementation will occur in the soon to be revamped iOS version app.

"Together with the FANDOM SPORTS team we'll enable next-generation mobile video experiences on their innovative and engaging platform, while unlocking new dimensions of video engagement for their audience," says Movi CEO Lars-Erik Ravn. "FANDOM SPORTS has already raised the bar, and we are super excited to join in on the mission to enrich their sports-centric fan platform. Our visions of the future are in-sync as we both strive to provide an experience where users interact, engage and create content in a unique way."

About Movi

Movi delivers some of the most powerful video technology specifically built to utilise the performance of modern and future devices, in addition to interfaces as defined by present and future expectations.

The Movi Player SDK (Software Development Kit) enables the future of mobile video. Empowering mobile product owners and developers to create truly interactive, creative and engaging experiences, at the point of consumption, in real time.


"Pick A Fight. Talk Trash. Get Rewarded."

FANDOM SPORTS Media is an entertainment company that aggregates, curates and produces unique fan-focused content.

The FANDOM SPORTS App is the Company's core product, which is the ultimate destination for unfiltered raw sports talk. The app allows passionate sports fans to unleash their primal sports passions, pick fights and earn rewards.

Download the app and bring your crew. Talking trash is better with friends. The more you invite, the more in-app virtual currency FanCoins you can earn.

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Source: Bloomberg

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