Movi in Helsinki

Great people are working all over the world to make it better. In addition to being an international founding- and core team, we have been working with international talent since day 1 in Movi.

Bringing a global perspective on our vision, executed by a team of global experts we see as a key ingredient to make Movi come to life and maximise our potential and impact.

Last week Movi Helsinki gathered for an out of the office workshop out of a top floor meeting room with built in sauna facilities with a view, scenic walking meetings around the beautiful Helsinki shoreline and of course the fabled Helsinki night-life.

An environment perfect for syncing minds and aligning our superpowers. All aimed at what really matters for accelerating us even further to our goal. Ensuring a powerful, valuable and delightful experience for all our touch-points. For product owners, developers, customers and end-users. We work really hard to make sure we help everyone out as best we can.

The best is yet to come- we are doing the right thing and it’s truly encouraging to see Movi progressing on all fronts.

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