Movi closes strategic seed financing

Over the last four years, the team here at Movi have been working on ground-breaking mobile video technology that gives life to our vision of making video interactive, creative, engaging and playful. Everything based on, (and controlled by) the end-user, in real-time.

Today’s technology for encoding, delivery and playback is haunted by what we call a huge technology legacy ghost. Until today, video has been the slave to static playback. Technically, it’s just not made for creative interactive experiences by end users. All editing, remixing, replay's and interactivity is reserved for the director. In other words, the viewer has no control. And where is the fun in that?

At Movi, we want everyone to have control. Imagine, every viewer will now have the ability to manage their own video experiences, just as it suits them, directly in the player when it matters most - in real time. And now imagine using all this information to enhance the experience with completely new dimensions of user and content understanding.

This is our vision at Movi, and we are dedicated to making every video experience a personal, engaging and lasting experience. This is the driving force that our new investors and team members find so compelling and exciting. And we are excited to working with these professionals to bring Movi even further.

We are proud to be announce the closing of our seed financing round. The round was led by Janos Flosser and Irfan Goandal at Promentum Equity, accompanied by Robert Chew and Jeff Lin at iGlobe Partners with a handful of super angels including Unity3d founder David Helgason, TAT founder Hampus Jakobsson, Bebop founder Bogomil Balkansky and more.

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This is clearly how mobile video should be - Solving this by innovating on the client side opens a world new of opportunities and a great opportunity to scale. I look forward to help grow - and enable the future of video to the world.

- David Helgason

We are humbled by the opportunity to grow Movi together, and by listening to your understanding of what we are trying to solve, we are certain you will play an instrumental role in Movi’s future.

Movi is a classic combination of high-tech, and ease-of-use. A super exciting arena which I love. And with the founders inspirational leadership and vision - executed by a dedicated team of experts, I was in.

- Hampus Jakobssoon

We have followed Movi for a year and are pleased to see the development in the technology and customer engagement. Movi’s mobile video player technology is unique and is setting new standards for user experience for mobile video. Promentum is privileged to be part of Movi’s journey and excited to support the team towards the next round of funding for global scaling.

- Irfan Goandal, Promentum Equity Partners.

We thank you for joining our mission, and look forward to our journey ahead. We will be using the proceeds to scale our technical and commercial team. Please head over to our careers section to find an opening o/

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