Finalising the look, touch and feel

At Movi, our lives revolve around video and how we can fundamentally change the way the world interacts with their content. Our primary motivation for building the future of video experiences may be obvious as we want to creatively explore, consume and play with any moment in motion - in real time, personally controlled at the point of consumption.

Video is evolving from a passive receiving experience to an interactive creative immersive experience - where every viewer has creative freedom to manipulate any moment in motion.

We believe Creative Consumption is the future - and we’re making this future reality.

Last week we invited the Helsinki team to join us for a hands on workshop at Movi HQ in Oslo. A workshop with an order quite tall; finalise the look, touch and feel of the Movi Player - the future of video experiences.

Building something completely new - something never experienced before involves not only designing, testing, iterating, validating and scrapping most of it. But also to be able to understand the broader concept of what the end-users want and need. All the way from human instinctive behaviour; how our brain works, how we learn and why this curiosity and need to manipulate and create is such an integral part of the human mind - to how video and rich media dramatically elevates the bandwidth of information a human is able to process at a time. Today, there’s no doubt left, video is really catching on - the world is watching videos - about anything and nothing - learning, laughing, loving, crying and sharing.

Using our combined knowledge and research of video technology, user behaviour and future expectations of rich media consumption model as a whole - we made significant breakthroughs - an exponential leap from the old school DVD remote - to realizing the future of full creative immersion.

It truly feels fantastic - we can’t wait to share Movi with you all.

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