Unlock the future
of video experiences
Movi is the world's most powerful Mobile Video SDK
With Movi Player SDK you unlock new dimensions of end-user experiences and value-add for your video distribution. Make your content feel fantastic, immerse your end-user, boost attention and emotional connection with the content and future proof your video experience. We have your back entering the future.
Movi Player SDK
Enable immersive interactive video experience for your video product in a day. No additional investments needed.
Boosting Attention
Enabling your users to interact with your content enable a closer connection with your message.
Multiplying Session Time
Movi enables a never before seen consumer surplus from interactive free to play video.
Happy End Users
Your content and end users deserve the best presentation and experience.
The shift is happening now, from passive consumption — to creative consumption.
Lars-Erik Ravn, Movi CEO & Co-founder
Using AI to understand user behavior and the actual content generate a huge potential for exciting new opportunities in mobile video experiences.
Espen Bjarnø, Movi CTO & Co-founder
Empowering video developers and product owners to thrive motivates me.
Sean Asbjørnsen, Movi Lead Customer Engineer
The future of video is like a bratwurst, tactile, expanding and best with spicy mustard.
Eike Rösner, Movi Chief Engineer & Co-founder
We choose to make the future of video interactive, intelligent, and creative,
not because it's easy, but because it's hard.
James Robertson, Movi Principal Engineer